Does God Care About the Ordinary?

Written By Christine Lew, Malaysia

We all know God can do mighty miracles. But have you ever wondered or doubted if God was interested in everyday affairs? In my case, God answered me in a way that I will never forget.

I had just returned home after a mission trip to India. My final piano examination was just a few weeks ahead, but for some reason, my fingers were soft and weak from a lack of practice. I couldn’t even play simple songs on the piano, how was I going to sit for my final diploma, the Fellow of Trinity College London Diploma (FTCL)?

For it, I had to perform a complex musical repertoire—like a professional pianist would in a public solo concert or recital. Even before the trip, I had been hitting the wrong notes and having trouble completing the songs. What now with the state of my fingers? Helpless, I prayed before every practice session, “God, help me. I really need You for this; I can’t do this without you.”

Each time I played, I could feel my fingers growing stronger and stronger. Instead of taking an entire week to fully regain my technique and strength as I had expected, it took me just three days. Though it still felt like I was lacking some emotion or feeling that would take my music to the next level, I prepared for the exam as best as I could.

On the day of the exam, I prayed and handed the entire exam over to God. The first and second song went extremely well. I could feel God’s presence, and I played those pieces better than I had ever before. I felt calm and settled, as I enjoyed my playing for the first time—right until the third and final piece.

From the moment I hit the first note, I knew it was going to be a flop. I had accidentally set the tempo far too fast, and once I started, it was like trying to hold down a launching rocket. I simply couldn’t slow down. The whole song went haywire. Wrong notes sounded in literally every bar. It’s over! My panicked mind screamed. It’s really over! This diploma required high proficiency in each and every piece. With a song like this, I was bound to fail miserably. The entire performance would either be “Approved” or “Not Approved”; I was sure that my playing would be the latter.

On the way home, I kept telling my mom that it was over, that she’d better not get her hopes up. My mom looked at me and said, “You’ve handed the whole exam over to God, haven’t you? Well, now’s the time to leave it to God. Don’t worry and don’t doubt. If it’s God’s will, you will pass. After all, He is a God of miracles—as you yourself have seen.”

Indeed I had. In India, I had seen hundreds of people lifting their hands to God, laughing and crying as God’s presence engulfed them. In the church, I had seen cancer patients and even a paralyzed man healed so that even doctors marvelled. Even in my own family, I saw my mom set free in tears after being demon-possessed for six months; and my father, a devoted Buddhist, accepting Christ and transforming into a man of God. I had witnessed all these miracles with my own eyes. And I had faith that God could do great miracles. But how much did God care about a little thing like an exam? Nevertheless, I submitted the exam to God, trusting that, no matter what, God would give me the results He deemed best.

Within a few months, I had forgotten all about the exam. Until one day, my mom excitedly told me that I had passed the diploma, with full marks. Full marks! She had to be kidding. In the FTCL there are no marks awarded. But my mom showed me a photo of the exam result slip, and there it was: “Lew Xin Yi, 100.” My teacher messaged me that the examiner was highly impressed with my performance, and that he wanted to let me know the score he had given me.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. How was it possible to even pass with my final song wrecked? But not only did God grant me a pass, He also gave me full marks—a score I have never seen anyone ever obtain in any diploma, let alone in the final and toughest one of all.

My eyes filled with tears of gratefulness and sheer joy. It was beyond what I’d ever imagined. It was God.

Looking back, if I had simply passed the exam, people would assume that it was because of my musical talent, and I might have become proud of myself as a result. But God gave me a perfect score, not only to let me know that this was entirely because of Him, but also to show the world that He is a God of miracles.

After I graduate high school next year, I hope to continue my musical journey by becoming a professional musician.I know now that I have God to uphold me, and with Him, I need not be afraid of anything. He is not only there in earth-shattering events. He is there during my practice and recitals. In my everyday life.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalms 27:1)

Thank you, God.

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  1. Ezra
    Ezra says:

    He cares about each strands of hair on our head … why shouldn’t he care about our daily living.
    Telling Him any and everything is the relief I know and care about the most.
    Beautiful piece.


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