ODJ: Looking for Justice

December 3, 2017 

READ: Luke 1:39-53 

How my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour! (v.47).

Two news stories caught my attention on the same day. In one, a homeless man shivered under an archway on a cold, rainy evening. Half-drunk, he was shocked when someone offered to pay for a night of lodging. With a bit of help, this man became a social studies teacher, a volunteer and even starred in a play! In the other story, someone cruelly taunted a homeless man by showing him cash and then burning up the paper money as the destitute man watched.

Why does one story infuriate us while the other warms our hearts? One reason is that as human beings made in God’s image we have inherited His sense of justice (Psalm 69:33). We recognise just behaviour and shudder at cruel behaviour.

Mary recognised God as the source of justice when she praised Him for the gift of her son, Jesus. She testified, “How my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour! For he took notice of His lowly servant girl” (Luke 1:47-48).

It’s likely Mary could identify with people who were chronically overlooked in her society—the poor, the sick and the weak. As a young woman in a culture that favoured men, she didn’t have access to much wealth or power. She could only describe herself as a humble servant.

But when God elevated this little-known teen to a place of renown and blessing, Mary recognised that God was fairminded—One who cared about inequality and people who might otherwise be ignored. She believed God would subdue proud people, exalt the humble and provide for the hungry (vv.52-53).

As much as we long for more examples of God’s justice in our world, we often have to wait for His timing. Until Jesus returns and ends injustice forever, we can trust in God’s grace and mercy to sustain us.

—Jennifer Schuldt

365-day plan: Philippians 2:1-18

Read Proverbs 20:22 and consider the connection between trusting in God and allowing Him to demonstrate His justice. 
How have you experienced God’s justice in your life? What other attributes of God’s character (love, goodness, holiness, etc.) have you experienced?