ODJ: Surrounded by God

November 4, 2017 

READ: Psalm 19:1-6 

The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship. (v.1).

In the 1940s, George de Mestral faced an issue only too familiar to dog owners: after a walk in the woods, his dog’s fur was riddled with cockleburs—thorny seeds which are nearly impossible to remove. But de Mestral realised that more than simply an inconvenience, perhaps the design of the cockleburs could inspire something useful. In time, he invented VELCRO® brand fasteners which are widely used for fabric and more. This is just one example among many of inventors who used the wonders of the natural world to provide inspiration for their creations.

But God’s creation is far more than simply providing inspiration for inventors. It provides us with a direct connection to Himself. The psalmist says that the sky and heavens declare the glory of God to the entire world, without using a single word (19:3-4). This same sentiment would be echoed hundreds of years later by the apostle Paul in Acts 14 as he preached to the people of Lystra, imploring them to realise that their “rain and good crops” and “joyful hearts” were evidence of a living God (v.17). He shared something similar with the church of Rome—how God’s invisible attributes can be seen in visible creation: “Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature” (Romans 1:20). The beauty and intricacy of created order is a wordless proclamation of a beautiful and all-powerful God!

I often long to see more of God and to sense more of His presence in my life. But this isn’t only an inner reality, like a state of mind or an emotion. If I take the time to see it, God’s miraculous and loving qualities are on display all around me in the world He created.

—Peter Chin

365-day-plan: Acts 17:16-34

Read Job 12:7-10 and see that not only can we know God through nature, but nature knows the God who created it. 
How have you seen the Creator in the world around you? How can you make more time to see the wonders of God in nature?