ODJ: United in Worship

October 28, 2017 

READ: Revelation 7:9-17 

After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb (v.9).

Getting a group of people to move in the same way and at the same time requires a lot of skill. But more than 31,000 dancers in China made it look easy. Guinness World Records says that 31,697 Chinese women set the record for mass plaza dancing in multiple locations. The participants danced for more than five minutes in six different cities.

Although some 31,000 people united in dance is a sight to see, Scripture tells us there will be a day when believers too numerous to count will set a ‘record’ for a ‘mass worship service’ in one location.

In an amazing vision, John saw a multitude of people from every nation, tribe, people and language worshipping God (Revelation 7:9). The diverse congregation was standing before God the Father and in front of the Lamb (Jesus), united in praise. This image fulfilled God’s promise to Abraham that he would have descendants too numerous to count (Genesis 15:5).

The worshippers in the vision held palm branches in their hands, symbolic of royal and military processions (Revelation 7:9). Together with the angels, elders and four living creatures, this vast group of people was doing the same thing at the same time and in one location—worshipping God. Who is this multitude? The group probably represents all God’s faithful followers throughout the generations, all singing a hymn of praise to God and the Lamb for their great salvation. What a sight to behold!

The Chinese women united in dance was truly impressive. But one day God will gather together people from every nation, and we will be united in worship—singing and raising a loud and victorious shout to our God and King. It won’t be to set a record; it will be for the glory of His name (v.12).

—Marvin Williams

365-day-plan: Acts 13:1-12

Read Revelation 5:9. Why are the people singing a new song? 
Though we’re from every nation, tribe, people and language, how does our common salvation make being united in worship easier? What can you do to begin practising being united in worship with other brothers and sisters in Christ?