ODJ: Four Views

September 16, 2016 

READ: Hebrews 1:1-4 

[God] has spoken to us through his Son (v.2).

St. Andrew’s Cathedral is a glistening church near the southern tip of Singapore. While exiting the sanctuary, worshipers can see four distinct and colorful images in stained glass above the front door.

“They represent the four gospels,” my host told me during a visit to the historic church.

Each image is unique. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are represented as four men with different faces, personalities, and symbols. The same can be said of the four books that bear their names. Each account of Jesus’ time on Earth is a unique story. Yes, there are obvious similarities; they all tell the story of the same Lord, but they tell it from different vantage points. Like four biographers studying the same subject, by inspiration of the Holy Spirit each author penned his own version of Jesus’ story. As Paul wrote, “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true” (2 Timothy 3:16). And like good biographers, the different accounts weren’t created to contradict but to complement the others. Together they paint a detailed picture of Jesus, capturing different facets of His life and work.

I’m so grateful for the Bible. It’s a tremendous blessing that God has revealed Himself and His plans to us. I’m not always grateful, however, for the way the Bible is constructed. Sometimes I wish it were simpler, easier for me and more like what I want it to be. (Do you sense a problem there?) But when I saw the windows of St. Andrews, my heart was filled with thankfulness. They reminded me of the power and beauty of God’s Word to us (Psalm 119:89-91).

Thank you, God, for giving us four accounts of Jesus’ work on Earth. Thank you for revealing so much of Yourself to us!

—Andy Rogers

365-day plan: John 15:1-16

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John write with unique voices. Skim the first chapter of each book and note the differences you find. 
Have you ever wished that the Bible was written differently or in a way that was easier for you to understand? Who can you talk to today about what the Bible reveals about God?