Worthless Discontentment

By Autumn, Walk The Same

Read: Psalm 119

Lately, discontentment has been simmering in my life. I know it’s there, I know why it’s there, but I’ve done nothing about it. Recently, it reached a full boil, and this week, it overflowed. I got angry, lashed out at people, and felt overwhelmed by my own feelings of boredom and less-than-perfect lifestyle.

I came home from work one day, completely frustrated. My mom came to me and said, “Autumn, I have the verse for you. I know how you feel.” She texted me this verse later:

“Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word” (Psalm 119:37).

What a reminder! Worthless—that’s what God, the creator of all, calls the things I’m worried I don’t have. Worthless, in comparison to His glory. Our worries, the things we envy, our never-ending wish list—all worthless.

God, forgive me for putting things in my life before You. Forgive me for giving these worthless ventures more attention and emotion than Your cause, than Your Word. Use us for Your glory, Father. Bring us to You. Let us be filled with the contentedness of Your love. Amen.


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