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  1. c
    c says:

    Living in a fallen world, with all of our fallen nature, hope is the only thing that gets the world moving. Knowing that there is more to life than our sin, our shame and our fears, our failures, and our loss. With this hope, we can move on to live the abundant life our Saviour had intended for us, enjoying the riches of His glory.

  2. desiderio
    desiderio says:

    When you want to give up because hope seems to be no more.
    When you feel like the next morning will be another dreadful day.
    When all the way to that tunnel of horror is a losing spirit.
    When you feel so distant to the God that you’re leaning.
    When all the evil thoughts are inside your head that tends you to leave and quit.
    In the end, I am asking why? Why? Why these things are happening?
    If only I had visited the future to see what will happen so that I’ll make up my mind
    to stay and never experience the unexpected journey.
    Hope is important to the hopeless. God is even more important in all our hopelessness.
    The thing is I had sinned like David and seems to be far away from my cry.

  3. Ian
    Ian says:

    Take a look around us and the world we live in today, the amount of bad news that populate the headlines and social media each day. We need hope because we live in a truly hopeless world.

  4. HT
    HT says:

    Hope is so important in this world because it gives us strength to continue living. Jesus is that hope because He is not of this world and He promises to take us back to where He is (heaven). However without God we would put our hope on other worldly things which would perish, like money and health.

    • YMI
      YMI says:

      Hi Samuel,

      Thank you for joining in Today’s Conversation. Your response is up on our Facebook page. You may like to share it with your friends & family.

      God Bless.

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