ODJ: prayer of the suffering

March 17, 2015 

READ: Psalm 6:1-10 

The LORD has heard my plea; the LORD will answer my prayer (v.9).

The Bible presents many suffering people who were miraculously healed in response to prayers. Miriam was healed of leprosy (Numbers 12:1-15). King Hezekiah, who was terminally ill, was given 15 years more to live (2 Kings 20:1-7). Job suffered too (Job 2:7)—enduring months of it before he was restored (42:10).

We can also learn from David who wrote a prayer during a time of a prolonged life threatening illness (Psalm 6:2-3,5). We can’t be sure when this took place. Perhaps it was during the year following his adultery with Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11-12). David wrote of his physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, producing the prayer of a person afflicted in body and spirit (Psalm 6:2-3).

He acknowledged that his pain was a consequence of specific sins committed, and that an angered God was disciplining him (v.1). David was physically weakened by the illness, spiritually anguished by his lack of intimacy with God and emotionally exhausted by his sorrowing (vv.2-3,6). So in repentance and on the basis of God’s compassion and unfailing love, he asked for God’s forgiveness, favour and restoration.

Suffering may not come because of specific sins. Nevertheless, on the same basis of God’s compassion and mercy, we cry out to God for His healing and restoration: “Have compassion on me, LORD, for I am weak. Heal me, LORD, for my bones are in agony. I am sick at heart. . . . Return, O LORD, and rescue me. Save me because of your unfailing love” (vv.2-4). And in simple trust and humble faith we affirm, “The LORD has heard my weeping. The LORD has heard my plea; the LORD will answer my prayer” (vv.8-9). K.T. Sim

365-day plan: Ruth 3:1-18

Read 2 Corinthians 4:8-18 to see Paul’s resolve in the midst of suffering and pain. 
Are you enduring a season of suffering? Let Psalm 6 be your prayer and encouragement as you look to God for His healing and restoration.