Why are relationships important?

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  1. c
    c says:

    Without relationships ( in general ), there would be no room for growth. Relationships, good or bad, will challenge us to think of others more ,practice forgiveness, show kindness, and share with others. I’m not good at keeping relationships so I’ve much to learn.

  2. GH
    GH says:

    Even God yearn for relationship, that is why he created man, then woman. Relationship helps people grow, learning from each other, teaching us values and provides an outlet for expression. Being able to share good news with others – encourages other, sharing struggles with others – helps others help you. Without relationships, how do we express love? God is love.

  3. Ian
    Ian says:

    Relationships are important because we were not meant to exist alone. God created both man and woman in His image and desired a relationship with them.

  4. Yos
    Yos says:

    Weird question Because we are here because of our parents relationship. But in meaningfull sense, all the universe is connected each other. Beside that, we need to communicate our emotion, idea, and etc.

  5. Rhema
    Rhema says:

    Relationship: It’s a gift from GOD. Our relationship with our parents, our friends, our life’s partner (husband and wife) our spiritual relationships (God and the church) are all important because those are God’s gift for all of us. We need to love it, take care of it, protect it, value it and nourish it.

  6. Kristine
    Kristine says:

    Even in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, good to great relationships are important. Having harmonious relationships to the people you are concerned with, is very important for this is a bridge to understanding and influencing towards God’s goodness!

  7. jOist
    jOist says:

    Human beings are social creatures. In everything and anything we do or feel or talk about, it has always been to connect (or sadly to disconnect) others. By doing this, not only are we building up people around us, but to satisfy our basic need for companionship. One beautiful example of this is the story of Adam and Eve. There, God saw that it was not good for the first man to be alone, so He created woman as his helpmeet.

  8. Sheena Mae Roxas
    Sheena Mae Roxas says:

    Hi, I am an Assembly of God member. I believe that Jesus came to save us from our sins and to.cleanse us and rescue us. We believe in the holy trinity as well. However, I fell in love a onness. They believe to only.one God, Jesus. They are United Pentecostal church. Should we continue this relationship? Please, I really need a godly sound advice.


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