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  1. AL
    AL says:

    I guess God really showed me His heart for the people, and for discipleship.
    Like in Matthew 28:18-20, the Great Commission, God told us to make disciples of all nations and all peoples, and this really convicted me to mentor and disciple people according to God’s word.

  2. Abigail
    Abigail says:

    I believe that as we have submitted our lives to Him, He will lead us consistently in everything that we do. That is why we have His word which is the bible as a source of wisdom and strength for our daily life. Knowing God is much different than just knowing the word ” God ” and it is important to know Him personally in our life, to feel His presence and to listen to His whisper that speaks in our heart. Surrendering our lives to Him also means obeying Him. We can always refer to the Bible and pray directly to our Lord Jesus Christ in every types of situation we are facing. And also we can ask our Lord so that we can know the Father’s heart.


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