‘WHY AM I’ PODCAST—where we are seeking answers to big questions, and exploring what God would have to say about why we exist and how that impacts what He has for us to do today.

From understanding our calling to making sense of current events asking the why is key. We invite you to listen in on specific topics we face in everyday life.

Why am I here? Why am I on this earth? Why did God put me here? What am I here to accomplish? What am I here to fulfil?

Keno Greer

We easily go through life, going through the motions of things without ever stopping to ask: Why am I doing this?

George Moss

It reminded me to pause and think about: Why am I doing this?…What is God calling for us and how does it all connect back to the Why.

Ashley Wierenga

Life’s not about just going going going, but there’s also a lot of meaning and purpose behind it.

Daniel Ryan Day


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  1. john
    john says:

    huh. it’s something besides a podcast if there’s no RSS feed. And that means there is some reason you don’t have a feed. Sorry, pass. Too bad, seems like it could be interesting. I’ll listen if/when you have a real feed.


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