Apart from our articles and Artspace projects, our latest 5-day devotional plan hit a note among our readers. 9652 views on our website, 5700 subscribers on Telegram and 566 through Email! Together we’ve learnt that there is a song to every occasion, helping us relate to Him at different times and in different ways.

This year, we also got up close and personal with some of you through our YMI Artist Gathering.

We gathered 15 artists, along with 3 panel artists around our virtual table to share their personal fears as creatives, and how they have overcome them. We also invited them to share with us their artwork, depicting how they’ve experienced God amidst their struggles. The mouthwatering collection showcases the different flavours and styles each artist has.

Who’s up for a challenge? Our 13 talented participants certainly was!

To celebrate International Friendship Day, we hosted a month-long art challenge called #YMIFriendlyReminders! With 4 visual prompts (exquisitely drawn by 4 YMI volunteer artists) shared each week, we invited our Instagram followers to reflect and share a visual entry of God’s gift of friendship, as well as the most important friendship in our lives: our friendship with God. Don’t miss out! We’ve collected all 28 entries together just for you!

They say ‘too many cooks spoils the broth’, but here at YMI, we delight in having as many different talents and experiences from all over the world! This past year, we had the pleasure of jetting across cities from Jarkata to Bali to Singapore to Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur to connect over a meal with some of you. Each of our contributors are precious. Without you, there’s no us.

 These were the slices of content that came up tops this year! 

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Making Decisions—How to Trust the Spirit (and Not Just Your Gut)

Where is God When Our Prayers
Go “Unanswered”?

4 Ways to Navigate a
Painful Break-up

This year, we gave you the opportunity to join our mission through the print copy of our YMI Reading Ecclesiastes devotional, which was made available at a gift of any amount. With 123 orders and $4210 (SGD) raised, our biggest take-away is never to underestimate God’s provision!

Each year we load up your plates with a variety of dishes that give you a taste of God’s Word—and it encourages us when we see you coming back for second servings (and more). It never fails to amaze us when we see God’s Word reaching far and wide through your support. 

Sink your teeth into more wholesome content on our site or help us keep churning out good work by donating.

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