• For the Love of Mums

For the Love of Mums

Here’s an inspirational collection of stories on mums we’ve put together just for you. These stories capture perspectives from a child, new mothers, and from one who has lost her mum.

Whichever point of view you identify with, may these stories remind you of God’s abounding love as shown through the mothers around you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Do you feel unloved by your mother—the person you are supposed to be the closest to? Let God’s love help you see things differently.

Are you reading this with your baby next to you and thinking how surreal it is to be a new mum? And yet you’ve survived, by God’s grace, and with the love of your own mum.

All mothers want is a healthy baby, but things turned out unexpectedly for Grace and Bryan. Read about their story of courage and love as they went through this tumultuous time.

“How could an abnormal child be ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’? How could our Lord take delight in this supposed creation of His?” But God sees us differently, with a love beyond our comprehension.

Do you still feel a deep ache in your heart each time you think of your mum? Read Sharon’s story as she decides to look up from her own pain of losing her mum, and consider God’s glory through her mum’s life.

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