3 Uplifting Things to Do While Waiting for Restrictions to Lift

Not again. Just when you were looking forward to returning to a “new normal”, your state government quashed those hopes with the announcement of the extension of Covid-19 lockdown by another two weeks. 

While most of us handled the first round with much gusto, our determination and enthusiasm started waning when we were placed in a second lockdown. And the latest announcements have been a big dampener on whatever spark we have left. 

However you might be feeling at this stage, we have stitched together a list of fun, light activities that hopefully will help ease the pain of being cooped indoors that much longer.


1. Have a faith boost

For those looking to draw nearer and tighter to God, we may just have the perfect starter kit for you!

Why not start with this podcast, Faith in Isolation, looking at what some Christian Australians are doing to share their faith in this time of isolation.

Perhaps you’re more of a text person, and you’re looking for a nice read to go with your favorite beverage. Read about  how you can share about Jesus in a post-Covid world, gain tips on how to survive the neverending lockdowns and combat cabin fever, or glean new habits we can take away from all of this.

We also have a range of Our Daily Bread Journey Through series available, and a range of YMI devotionals for you to choose.


2.  Draw inspiration from these activities

Okay, you’ve now filled up on your spiritual tank, and you’re looking for other things you can do. You could grab an inspiration or two from this video, with a bunch of young Aussies pursuing various activities, from skating to getting a puppy, to keep themselves sane.

Trawl through a plethora of online classes that are available, from painting to pottery or try your hand in creating a delicious non-alcoholic drink.

Going outdoors to experience everything Australia has to offer may not be doable at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your taste buds to an Australian sensory experience. Whip out your chef’s hat and start baking pavlovas, sausage rolls, mince pies—to name a few.

3. Take time off to chill

It might sound a bit strange taking leave when you’re working from home, but the thing is, you’re still working. So, it’s good to schedule a day or two off to relax and to recharge. 

A nice, long walk (within your state’s restrictions) could be the trick in getting your heart pumping and fresh air in your lungs. Enhance your walking experience with a soothing YMI curated Spotify playlist, or dial-in to the podcast mentioned above.

The day off could also be used to pray for your friends and family. Or if you need prayer, send us your request, and someone from our team will pray for you!

Our days may feel long and  restricted at the moment, but there is a time and season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). Let’s live with hope in God, knowing that we’ll soon be able to head out to enjoy all of God’s creation around us. 

What activities or new hobbies have you  picked up over the last few months to help you cope with lockdown? Tag and comment below! 


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