What comes to your mind when you think of the words “mental illness”? Do you picture someone who’s not in control of their own faculties, or someone who always seems to have dark clouds hovering above their heads?

Mental health struggles are more prevalent than we think, and could plague just about anyone. There may be someone next to you who’s struggling with mental illness right now. It could be depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder… If you know of someone who struggles with mental illness, you know that it’s not easy for them, and some days it can feel like their entire world is falling apart. They don’t quite know what to do, and they may be afraid that you think they’re weak for speaking up or sharing about what they’re going through.

That’s where it’s even more crucial for us to step in as friends and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to remind them that no matter how great their sorrows or struggles, the grace of God runs deeper still. The everlasting arms of our Father is wide enough to embrace them.

  • Listen to the stories of those who struggle with mental illness. 
  • Ask them to share with you what it feels like to struggle with mental health, and how you can pray for them. 
  • Give them a chance/think about how you can support them in moments of struggle.