Many of us struggle with reading the Bible consistently, and whenever we fall off that habit, it can be hard to get back. Where do I even begin? 

Perhaps the Psalms might be a good start! 

The wonderful thing about the Psalms is that they show us how we can worship God by having honest and intimate conversations with Him, all while still being guided by the truth of who He is and how He’s deeply involved in our lives.

Each psalm is self-contained, so you can easily go through one a day. And in each psalm, you have God’s precious truths written as song and prayer, such that as you read and learn about God, you are also conversing with and worshipping Himit’s an all-in-one experience!

How to Use This Devotional

It’s not always easy to understand a psalm right away, especially in terms of how it applies to where we are. What does it mean that God is our “light” and “rock”? What if I don’t have enemies hunting me down? Can reading about miracles that happened thousands of years ago help me where I am today?

While we can’t always neatly compare our situation to that of a psalm, the emotions, the struggle, and the questions behind these psalms remain deeply relatable and relevant. Importantly, the God who rescued His people in the Old Testament is still the same God who will deliver us today!

Don’t be intimidated by these poems, but give them time to come alive to you. Here are some tips to help you read, reflect, and respond to the Psalms:


Find a nice, quiet space where you can sit and reflect with your Bible (and journal). Start with a short prayer—invite the Spirit to guide you through the reading. Read through—don’t skim—the whole psalm once. It helps to read it out loud!


Take a closer look at:

  1. The words and ideas repeated. Try to picture what they’re describing.
  2. How the psalmist feels given his situation. Do you feel the same way? Why?
  3. What’s said about God—Who is He? What has He done? 

Read the devotional, and reread the verses referenced.


What is God saying to you? How would you like to respond?  Tell God what you read. Ask Him to help you experience what He said, e.g., Lord, I feel ___ right now. You say You are ___. Please show me how that’s true.

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