8 Things You Should Know About Francis Schaeffer

Two years ago I set off one Sunday from my new home in York, England. I remember it well as I was being slashed furiously by wind and rain as it cut at my ineptitude to buy a new umbrella. Rain-soaked and dripping like a drowned rat, I walked in through the door of Trinity […]

Song Review: My Heart Will Fly

By Daniel Gordon Ang, Indonesia This song by MercyMe struck me immediately when I listened to it. It is well setup musically, well written, and has a significant spiritual message which many of us can readily identify with. From the first verse of the song, it is obvious that this song is about pain and […]

Surviving the K-Wave

By Sheryl Tay, Singapore Korean drama and music have thrived in the past half-decade. With the onset of pop icons featuring in drama series and celebrities making guest appearances in reality TV programs, there has been a wave of interest in Korean pop culture by audiences all over the world. This phenomenon is commonly known […]

It’s All Worth It

By Hannah, 16, USA YMI note: Hannah wrote this article on her way to (place)*. She was reminiscing on the time spent with her old friends in the United States, while getting ready to make new ones. The song “With Everything” by Hillsongs United came on the car stereo and she started thinking about all […]

CIA Agents Mission #1: Season Speech with Salt

“Stand up, stand up for Jesus” is an old, familiar tune that many Christians have sung before. It is much like an anthem and it calls on God’s people to remain resilient and steadfast in the faith as soldiers would. But how many of us really stand up for what is right amidst this trouble-filled […]

(Not) Always Coca-Cola

It was at least 35 degree Celsius. The sun was shining brightly in the sky—too brightly, I felt. The altitude of the land made the heat all the more unbearable. I could feel my skin slowly getting charred by the unusually strong UV rays. And then I saw it. A man took a familiar-looking bottle […]

Overcoming Gatsby’s Crisis

By Sheryl Tay, Singapore Jay Gatsby had an identity crisis. Sure, his perseverance was admirable, but his efforts were aimed at pleasing multiple characters in his life. Yes, he did become Jay Gatsby—his ideal persona (his real name was James Gatz), but he did so by engaging in corruption. Yes, he did become Daisy’s lover, […]