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3 Malaysian Christians Making an Impact in Our Nation

When it comes to serving in missions, many of us automatically think that it means having to give up our careers or lifestyles entirely, and uproot ourselves to go overseas.
Sep 7, 2023/by YMI

Send Us Your Video Responses!

To make things easier for you, you can simply head…
Jul 13, 2022/by YMI
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A Mum’s POV: The Things She Says & Does

But maybe if we could view things from our mum’s perspectives, we’ll start to see that there’s more to…. 
May 4, 2022/by YMI

2021 Wrap Up!

2021 has been quite a ride, hasn’t it?

Get strapped in as we take a look back at the highlights of our year!
Dec 31, 2021/by YMI
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Coping with Mental Health From a Culturally Different Background

Growing up as a South Asian in a Christian family in Australia, I often felt a tension between my identity and the challenges I faced at home, compared to my life outside of those walls—both literally and figuratively.
Oct 25, 2021/by Contributor

To my Past-Self Who Knew Very Little About Anxiety

Dear anxious Rosie,

You are not alone in your anxiety.

God feels incredibly far away at this moment, but the truth is, He has never been closer to you. He hasn’t discarded you because you are too difficult or too broken to love. He hasn’t broken any of His promises to you. He is holding you together right now. Don’t give up on trying to find God. 
Oct 10, 2021/by Contributor
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When I Stopped Viewing Anxiety as My Enemy: 3 Lessons I Learned

It’s usually once I’m seated in a rollercoaster, and the attendants start doing their safety checks that I’m regretting my decision to go on the ride. Panic would fill my stomach. I find it hard to breathe. I feel like I’m about to die and that feeling continues to grow as the train gradually arrives at the peak of the rollercoaster.  

And that’s what my anxiety feels like. 
Oct 7, 2021/by Contributor
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My Vision for the Church—A Safe Space for Men to Speak About Their Mental Health

Who, or what, makes the ideal man?

I’m an Australian guy, and sometimes it can be hard to have a straightforward answer. However you define a true-blue Australian man, there seems to be one universal agreement: Men should not be weak. 
Oct 6, 2021/by Chris MacLeod
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I Had Agoraphobia—I Didn’t Know What It Was

How many people think to themselves, “I won’t walk in the park today because I might poop myself?” “I won’t drive the car because I might pass out behind the wheel?” “I won’t drink coffee because I might shake so violently that I can’t sit upright?”
Oct 5, 2021/by Contributor
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Prayers for Indonesia

It hasn’t been an easy year for Indonesia. Covid-19 is still raging in our country. Many have lost their lives and many are still fighting for it. On top of that, we’ve had a string of tragedies this year: Sriwijaya’s air tragedy, floods, landslides, tornados, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, and a few ship accidents.
Aug 17, 2021/by YMI

4 Tips to Carry You Through the Healing Process

It’s been four months since the miscarriage. Some days grief shows up, more intensely for me and more subtly for Aaron, and we continue to practice what we’ve learned on how to love and help each other better. 

For couples going through grief from miscarriage, here are some things we’ve learned that we’d like to share with you.
May 19, 2021/by Contributor
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Anzac Day: Lest We Forget – Eric Harding Chinner

Would you pack your bags to leave your comfortable home, set sail on a ship that’ll take months to reach a  foreign destination, live in frigid trenches filled with mud that were infested by rats, wear uniforms laced with lice, and fall asleep (if sleep were to come) to the sound of falling bombs filling the night air?  
Apr 23, 2021/by YMI
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