We asked 10 artists to share their faith journey through a piece of artwork and reflect on how they’ve seen God at work in their lives.

As you take a moment to stop at each piece of artwork, allow it to draw you in. And may the artists’ personal stories of how God has walked with them reveal the creative ways our Father draws us to Himself, and His faithfulness in each of their lives–and our own.

When I’m about to make a life decision, sometimes I feel like I am looking at hundreds of doors open in front of me. All white, blank, full of mysteries. What will the future be like? What if I ruin my future by taking the wrong door?

But when I look back on my faith journey, I realise that I’ve always been carrying this light with me. It’s Jesus. He is with me as I stand before every door. I can always ask Him which step to take, since He is in control of the past, present, and future, and He will work all things for the good of those who love Him. My life is safe in His loving hands.

Artwork by: @chiketania

For most of my life, I had placed my self-worth solely in my achievements. But soon I began experiencing one disappointment after another, until it took a toll on me. This downward spiral was the beginning of my personal relationship with God. 

I started illustrating to express the thoughts and feelings that I didn’t have words for, and my ruminations on faith are a large part of it. Making art has been instrumental in helping me know God, and in making the shift from living life on my terms and for my glory to trusting Him and living for His glory.

Looking back at the lowest points of my life, the old me would’ve been grateful to find these faith-based content that my fellow illustrators/writers create and share online today. So, if my art can help remind someone of God’s truths and work in their lives even just a little bit, it’s all the more reason to not stop creating.

Artwork by: @byvenansica

“Living Hope”

Oftentimes I find myself trapped in a cycle of feeling like a failure and disappointment. And I always try to look within myself to find that happiness again. 

The cycle repeats and seems to have no end, until I experience God’s unchanging love and acceptance. It is a reassurance that I wouldn’t give anything to change, a hope that sets the child in me wild and free again in a new season of joy.

Artwork by: @nelson_lip

I like to knit, and sometimes, I would find a knot that needs to be detangled. Usually, it is simple to untangle, but occasionally, I have no choice but to cut it off and start again. 

One day, it occurred to me that my faith journey is like knitting. Even when I find myself in “knots”–stuck, unsure how to move forward–God, the Master Weaver, continues to untangle these knots, and is committed to creating a beautiful tapestry of my life to showcase His love (Ephesians 2:10).

These moments of epiphany help me let go and trust God, and drive me to create illustrations that will share hope and make God’s love known to all.

Artwork by: @joannejots

I was born into a Christian family, but I didn’t always have a personal relationship with God. I was lost in hobbies and friends and many other things. 

But one day, I was thinking about a problem when an image of The Cross suddenly came to mind. At that moment, I began to wonder if I had given up my salvation for everything that was perishable, thus wasting Christ’s sacrifice for me. 

I prayed and asked God for forgiveness that day. And God, our loving Father, caught me and brought me out of darkness into His marvellous light. 

All that I had in the past is nothing compared to the beauty of Christ and of walking with God. I want to be the channel of blessing for others, to make art that can share happiness and encouragement and point people to God.

Artwork by: @lisasaputra

I’ve always wanted to pursue art. When I was in school, I was the best drawer in class and received a student award in college. During my first few years of freelance work, I landed my dream clients. 

Then I got married, gave birth, and life slowed down. But the world kept moving, fast, and soon my accomplishments became irrelevant. I felt small and miserable.

One morning, I read this line in Psalm 131:2–”I have calmed and quieted my soul.” In this loud and proud world, I’m reminded to throw away my ego and humble myself before my Father. He asks me to forget the limelight and give my all to Him. To be a good wife & mother, and to live my life in gratefulness and joy. That in itself is special, and is enough.

Artwork by: @kathrinhonestaa

“Seek first His kingdom & His righteousness” – Matthew 6:33 has always been an anchoring verse through the different seasons of my life.

The roadmap of my life began at home, in a loving family who taught and modelled Jesus. I learned that God is a personal God of my parents, my siblings, and therefore mine as well. 

In church, I learned what it means to serve this personal God. My design skillset is a testimony to the opportunities given by the church. 

Work and marriage are where I’m currently applying and honing my skillsets for the mission field. One day, I hope to walk with God into the nations and bring the nations to God.

Artwork by: David Tan

Life is a big adventure, and we are but little sojourners in this world. But whatever storm or dragon comes our way, we need not fear because God is with us (Deuteronomy 31:8).

Getting a hand injury is one of the worst things any illustrator could experience! Suddenly, I couldn’t draw as much as I wanted to. Whenever I feel sad, God has faithfully encouraged me through His Word and my loved ones.

This humbling experience has reminded me that my life can’t be just about art and design. With my injury, I’ve spent less time drawing and more time with God and my family. 

For now, I rest and recover in His grace. No matter what lies ahead, I have peace, knowing He will be with me through it all.

Artwork by: @amy_domingo

“I was lost and now I’m found.”

Words that sum up my journey with Jesus so far. When I became a follower of Jesus two years ago, my life changed in so many ways. 

I was in a place where I was completely lost. Not knowing where my life was going, not knowing what I was living for. Jesus found me at my lowest point. He showed me a better way to live. He placed me into a loving community that helped and guided me. 

And more than that, Jesus gave me a purpose for my art and creativity. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to use my artworks and designs for God and His glory. Knowing that what I do glorifies God, and helps and encourages others in their walk with Jesus, is the reason I create.

Artwork by: @luke.daymond

One morning during service, I heard the pastor ask the congregation this question: 

“Do we put on the ‘I am a Christian’ garment ONLY on Sunday morning, then take it off once the sermon is over?” 

It struck me as I had never thought about what it means to be a Christian. It really was more of a “label” for me back then, and so I was determined to find out more. 

Around the time I came to know Christ, I often had this candy, so this artwork is a sweet reminder of my roots and my faith; and a helpful label that prompts me to think about how I live out who I claim to be.

Artwork by: @yanyancandyng

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