Editor’s Picks: Best of the Conversation About Suicide

Suicide is one of the toughest topics to talk about. It can be tempting to sweep the “S word” under the carpet, skirting around the issue. But what if we fostered a Christ-centered dialogue around suicide instead? What if we addressed the issues head on, with vulnerability, grace, understanding, and a great hope for light beyond the darkness?

We hope that you’ll take a look at these articles written by people who have been brave enough to talk about it. They’ve talked about it, and they have something they want you to hear.

Best Articles

Behind My Happy Mask, I Was Suicidal

What if the sadness they feel is consuming them bit by bit? What if the pain they feel inside has totally overtaken any form of rationality? What if the thoughts in their heads make them believe that physical pain could remove the numbness of emotional wounds?

Suicide is a topic dear to my heart because I’ve seen it happen to people around me and people close to me. And, because I’ve been there myself.

The Time I Attempted Suicide

Pills and broken glass, tears and blood, fear and despair. It was one of the darkest nights of my life. I didn’t want to do it yet I couldn’t see how to face the next day.

The pain of ending everything there and then seemed lesser compared to the pain of going on. I lay down in bed, waiting to bleed out and knock out, to sleep the last sleep. I was 19.

Please Don’t Jump, There’s Hope

Behind him, a single stool stood next to the railing separating the flats on my floor from the ground, 10 floors below. Several policemen were stretching a white tape across the narrow common corridor in front of me. It didn’t take much to guess what had happened.

If only my wife or I had happened to come out the door when she was there. We could have stopped her. If only we—or someone—had a chance to tell her: Please, don’t jump. There’s hope.

Coming Clean On My Dirty Little Secret

I stood there with a razor in my hand. It was the first time I’d ever seriously contemplated ending my life. I was acutely aware of my shortcomings and failures at all times. I wondered if the world would be better off without me.

Thankfully, God intervened.

But my battle continued on.

Suicide & the Demon Called Depression

Those who have struggled with depression know all too well a certain demon that runs through the mind. He’s a crafty and slippery spirit, sapping joy, stealing dignity, and eating happiness. He whispers in a crowd and shouts when we’re alone. He accuses, he taunts, and he laughs.

This is the demon called depression, and there’s a way to fight back.

Best Artspace Project

Dear Depressed Christian

I know about the scars on your wrists. I know you spend your sleepless nights crying.

I know about the days that pass meaninglessly by as everything important you’re supposed to do remains undone.

I also know that you need to hear these promises.

“I Know How You Feel” & Other Things Not to Say

Often, we struggle to find the right words to say–especially when our words often leave a lot unsaid and may fail to bring across our good intentions.

How then can we ensure our words are seasoned with love and grace?

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