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All of us have grappled with doubts and questions about God.

Why should I believe in God? How can I trust the Bible? If Christianity is true, how do we make sense of the brokenness that we see?

These questions reveal our deepest fears and struggles, as well as the deepest desires of our hearts—for purpose, identity and belonging. For some, these questions make it difficult for them to trust God. For others, these questions help strengthen their faith as they examine the evidence for what they believe in.

We may never get the answers to all our questions—but there are some fundamental truths that we can be certain of. Here are our top three articles on Apologetics, exploring some of the biggest and most common questions we all have about Christianity.


1. What If Christianity Was A Lie?

Although I’ve been a Christian for a long time—and brought up as one—I must admit that I have occasionally toyed with the questions: What if Christianity was a lie? What if everything I believed in turned out to be untrue? What if there was really no God or Jesus, and I had been believing in nothing all this time? What would it mean for me? What would I do?


2. Why Did God Create A World That He Knew Was Going To Go Wrong Eventually?

Why didn’t God “delete” the earth and start all over again? After all, another six days’ work wouldn’t have been too difficult, would it? Of course, you could argue that knowing man, Creation 2.0 would probably have gone down the same route, anyway. So the question is, why did God bother at all? Why create a world that He knew was going to go wrong eventually?


3. If God Is Good, Why Is There So Much Evil And Suffering?  

The question about evil and suffering has no easy answer because it is not about logical possibilities or impossibilities. Rather, it is an issue of the heart—we want to understand why people go through various difficulties. In fact, to hear the cries of help and feel burdened is a good thing, because it reveals a side of our humanity.



BONUS: Why Do Some People Believe All Religions Lead To the Same God?  

The idea that truth is exclusive is deeply upsetting to many. We cherish the liberty to decide for ourselves what is true and what is not; at the same time, we demand that others be truthful to us. We tend to place more value on how we feel, or whether something works for us, than on whether it is actually true. What then are some of the reasons that have led many to conclude that all religions lead to the same God?

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