Poem: Light Everywhere

Written By Meg Rentoria, Philippines

Running miles and miles
Yet it seems like I’m headed nowhere
Looking back, regrets are chasing me
Lying ahead, a sea of uncertainties.

A glimpse to my left, a glance to my right
I just can’t seem to choose the way to go
My toes all curled up on the scorched sand
This is not where I want to land.

My throat is parched
My heart is breaking
Can someone find me a way out please?
Will I get somewhere eventually?

Time stands still
My strength is draining
The last of my breath escapes me slowly
It can’t be over, my mind tells me.

There is a way, a way out of here
“It’s where the light is”, a faint whisper in my ear
And it came to me as I eyed my surroundings
The light is everywhere, yes it is here.

It has been here all along, never going away
Mustering my strength
I look up at its glorious rays
“You’ve never left me. Thank you.”

Wherever I am, there Your light is with me.

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  1. Samuel Mwaura
    Samuel Mwaura says:

    The Bible says let the weak say I am strong …. The light was the life of men and all who entered the earth were witnesses to the light ….

    The prophet Isaiah spoke of those who lived in the region of Galilee those by the way of Naphtali a great light has come shining to those living in great darkness !!!

    The light is the life of men but men chose to stay in the darkness so that their ugly deeds would not be known ….

    But as many as believed in him he gave them the right to be called sons of God even to those who call on his name !!!


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