POEM: The Day My Savior Was Led Away

Hurry, hurry! My heart pounded.
I saw the crowd in the distance.
“Hail, King of the Jews!” they shouted.
I slowed, feet worn with sand and dirt.

What was that down my cheeks?
I could not hold back as I stood.
Why, why would He not speak?
My mind could not grasp as I looked.

“Here is your king!” He was presented.
“Take him away!” They demanded.
“Crucify him!” Those words repeated.
Such anger, I could not understand.

I followed behind, but never too far.
Why, why? I softly whispered.
Saw Him travel up to Golgotha,
To the cross, hammered and nailed.

There I stood, as I watched Him speak;
The words left His lips as I sank beneath.
My mind recalled what my heart had believed;
My heart cried as He said, “It is finished.”

Brought down, wrapped, and carried away;
At a tomb, He was laid and buried within.
I could not bear and left for the day;
Yet forever and ever would they always say:

The Lord has risen; He has risen indeed!

Photo credit: Kimber Photography / Foter / CC BY

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