My Story: I Was Born Into A Non-Christian Family

By Mayz Jazurat, Thailand

I was born into a Buddhist family, but my parents decided to send me to a Christian school. They did so because it was the best school in Chiang Mai and they wanted me to have a good education.

While in school, I attended mandatory church services. I always enjoyed the sermons because I felt that they taught useful lessons on love such as loving your enemies and your neighbors. I wanted to know more about this faith, but because there was no one to show me how to get started, I didn’t pursue it.

One day, a performance group came to my school. They performed a drama about a man who did many evil things. Just as he was about to be punished for his deeds, another man came to take his place. I learned that this man was Jesus. While watching the drama, I began to cry but I did not know why.

In school, there was a Christian club that met every day at lunchtime. My friends attended it. They told me that they served good snacks there. So I went too and I heard many testimonies. At the end of that first meeting, I prayed to receive Christ. The people at the Christian club encouraged me to pray to God. They told me that I could pray to Him anytime and anywhere.

One evening, my band practice ended late at 7pm. I lived far away from school, about 20 kilometers away. I usually take the public bus home, but its service ends at 6pm. As such, the only way home was to take the song-teaw (or red pick-up), which was one-kilometer’s walk away. However, on that day, I was too tired and too lazy to walk. So I prayed and asked God for a miracle. I said, “If you are real, you can provide me with a bus even though it is already 7pm. Amen.” To my astonishment, about 3 to 5 minutes later, I turned my head toward the rumbling sound coming toward me—it was the last bus emerging from the garage! I was amazed. The impossible happened! From that day on, I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that God exists and that He is always watching over me.

Life went on as usual after that. It was not until my University days that the Lord decided to make His presence felt in a very significant way again. One night, I was chatting with my roommate about the universe. We kept asking each other questions and tried to trace as far back in time as we could. Finally, we came to a question that stumped us, What happened at the very first second when this universe was formed? We came to the realization that this universe must be created by someone who is very great.

And I thought of God. At that time, I did not know that my God is the same great God who created this universe. So my roommate and I decided to go to church that coming Sunday to learn more.

The very next day, a stranger came up to my roommate and shared the gospel to him. He also invited my roommate to church that very Sunday! It was no coincidence that we were invited to church and from that day forward, I gave my whole heart to Jesus.

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