O U R   D A I L Y   J O U R N E Y


ODJ: Living Houses of Prayer

A new kind of conversion is taking place in England and Europe. Due to a steady decline of Christian belief and the high costs of maintaining churches, the ancient structures are being converted into bars and other commercial buildings. Some are even being used as mosques.In his dedication prayer, King Solomon underscored the significance of a temple where God was to be honored (2 Chronicles 6:33)

O U R   D A I L Y   B R E A D


ODB: The Viral Gospel

The Viral Texts project at Northeastern University in Boston is studying how printed content in the 1800s spread through newspapers—the social media network of that day. If an article was reprinted 50 times or more, they considered that “viral” for the Industrial Age. Writing in Smithsonian magazine, Britt Peterson noted that a nineteenth-century news article describing

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