Poem: Light Everywhere

Written By Meg Rentoria, Philippines

Running miles and miles
Yet it seems like I’m headed nowhere
Looking back, regrets are chasing me
Lying ahead, a sea of uncertainties.

A glimpse to my left, a glance to my right
I just can’t seem to choose the way to go
My toes all curled up on the scorched sand
This is not where I want to land.

My throat is parched
My heart is breaking
Can someone find me a way out please?
Will I get somewhere eventually?

Time stands still
My strength is draining
The last of my breath escapes me slowly
It can’t be over, my mind tells me.

There is a way, a way out of here
“It’s where the light is”, a faint whisper in my ear
And it came to me as I eyed my surroundings
The light is everywhere, yes it is here.

It has been here all along, never going away
Mustering my strength
I look up at its glorious rays
“You’ve never left me. Thank you.”

Wherever I am, there Your light is with me.


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