We are inviting you to be a part of this! 

2020 may not have panned out the way we had planned, and there were times we felt like there was nothing to be grateful for. But amid the gloom, we can clearly trace God’s fingerprints beneath the rubble of our broken hopes and dreams. 

With this in mind, we’re running a #ymithankful2020 campaign from 2-31 December 2020 to recall the goodness of God and His promises for us as we enter 2021.  And we’d love for you to be a part of this 4-day challenge (which can start anytime between the period indicated), either on Instagram or Facebook! 

Tell us what you’re grateful for this past year and what you’re bringing into 2021! We want to know the people who have made an impact on your life, the provision God has blessed you with, the promises of God that you’re embracing, and the prayers you have for 2021.

You’re welcome to join us from any date between 2-31 December, but do start at Day 1 and work your way through to Day 4.

Ready to get started? Follow our guide below to get going.

  • Pick your platform of choice

    Instagram or Facebook

  • Download 4 templates

    Download templates here.

  • Upload one template per day

    Starting from Day 1’s template, upload one a day onto your IG/FB stories or IG/FB newsfeed.

  • List it down

    Each day, follow the instructions on the respective day’s template and fill in the blanks (for stories) or write your answers in the text description (for newsfeed) accordingly. Don’t forget to hashtag #ymithankful2020. 

    Check out our examples (for stories) below!

  • Tag and post!

    Make sure you tag your friends so they can be a part of #ymithankful2020 too! 

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Here’s how you could fill up each template:

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