To make this gathering a fun and beneficial one for all, here are a couple things we need you to prepare.

    1. Prepare a sketch/visual depiction of your faith journey

    Using the art medium you feel best represents your story, share with us what your life was like before you came to know Christ (past), and how the Lord has transformed your life today (present). We’ll leave this up to your creativity!

    2. Get ready to answer these 3 questions:

    a. What has your journey of faith been like, and what aspect of it would you like to share with others today?

    b. Do you try to connect your faith to your art? If so, how?

    c. What’s one thing that keeps you going as you create art?


    As part of the fun, we have exclusively designed for you, zoom backgrounds for use on the day of event and an encouraging lock screen to serve as a visual reminder of where your identity lies. There’s an array of colour choices to choose from. Download and pick your favourite!


    Our very own quirky set of digital stickers based on famous paintings!

    You can use them on WhatsApp, Telegram or search for them in Instastory GIF under ‘ymitoday’ or ‘ymicreating art’.

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