Wall Posts: What My Facebook Friends Do Not Know

A while ago, I was online chatting with an old college friend who suddenly sent me a message saying that I have “a beautiful life.”

Do I have Wanderlust or “Wonderlust”?

Ever wished the Lord would pluck you out of your misery or stagnant life and place you somewhere else instead? Some might add, “Where the sun, sea and beach are please!”

What type of football fan are you?

The World Cup season has revealed a host of different football fans that exist; all intently watching the matches for many different reasons.

Put Your Handphone on Friend Mode

22nd of February marks a campaign known as “Friend Mode Day” in Singapore. A group of students recognized that there is a need to give our utmost and undivided attention to our friends when we are with them by putting our phones down.

Jesus and Social Media

In modern day society, there are many ways for us to communicate with one another. As a result, the world has grown smaller, or so it seems. But even with these technological advances,

An Instrument of Peace

By Adebunmi Olajide, 22-year-old, Nigeria In a world where news of war and rumors of war are regular bulletins on our television, newspapers, magazines, and Internet, how can we as God’s children be His instruments of peace? We live in an era where we hear of war breaking out in some places around the world […]

God’s Judgement On Man And Creation

By Angela Ow “If you don’t want to trust me, I cannot help it.” I heard voices being raised and was woken up from my short nap onboard a double-decker bus. Looking up, I saw a mother and her teenage son, sitting one seat before me, in a rather tense conversation with each other. It […]