Hate waiting?

Hate waiting? Share with us why you feel this way! Is it the heat, the nerves or the plain ol’ annoyance? We’d like to hear about it! ]

School Pictures & Sin

Are you as aware of sin in your life as you are of wear stained clothes? How else can you describe sin in your life?

Girlfriend versus Football

What has not listening, cost you?

His Passion – Our Passion

Scripture Readings in Preparation for Easter Compiled by Koh Siang Kiang (Associate Professor at Singapore Bible College) Why this reading plan? Last Christmas, when I was encouraging people to prepare their hearts for the season, many looked at me and asked, “How?” When I told them to read the Gospels and to reflect on God’s […]

What Does it Mean to Worship in Spirit and in Truth?

Watch and learn from Pastor Brian Felten as he espouses on worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth. What are your thoughts about this? Share them with us!