What to Do When You’re Stuck in Comparison

I don’t know when it started. I don’t recall the first girl I looked at and thought to myself, she’s so much prettier than me. Surely it started before I began to mumble excuses under my breath regarding my lack of abilities.

Your Future Is Not Determined By Your Circumstances

Many people believe that in order to achieve success, one needs a head start in life–you need to be ahead right at the starting line. What this means is that your chance of “success” is determined by your family background. If you come from a privileged background, you have a higher chance of success in life.

Why Do I Long to Feel Loved?

I grew up in a warm and affectionate family, and have never needed to work for my family’s love.

However, I’ve found that I am easily jealous for the affections of my close friends. Whenever my close friends are more concerned for other friends than they are for me, I feel an inexplicable sense of disappointment.

The Day I Stopped Hiding My Gift

“I look at your work and the intern’s, and I cannot see the difference between the two,” my former editor said.

Those were the last words I wanted to hear, especially since I had worked hard to be where I was.

When God’s Plan for Your Life Doesn’t Look Radical

During my first year of university, I was constantly meeting new people in class, my dorm, and various student groups. By the time year three came around, a friendship had solidified with three people in particular. The four of us met through a student ministry during my first year, and though higher level courses and […]