Call To Commitment: Wise vs Foolish Man

In Singapore, students have many privileges: concessionary bus passes and special prices for movies, food etc.. As I’ve learnt, you might even get discounts at shops located near your schools.

Have You Ever?

By Phoebe Khor, Malaysia Have you ever thought about what is life all about? You came into this earth as a baby. As you grow up, you acquire knowledge and you study hard. You try to get good grades, so that you could enter a good university. After studying, you hope to get a good […]

Judging Non-judgmentally

By Jasmine Uthaya Kumar, India In our day-to-day relationships, we often make judgments. These judgments shape our responses and reactions to certain things. A right judgment leads to a right reaction. And the reverse is true too. Hence, it is important that we exercise caution in our judgment. Firstly, we need to recognize that we […]

What Should I Do When I Fail?

Many a time in the course of living, we are enraptured by our successes one moment only to turn depressed by our failures the next.

“I’m hungry!”

By Qi Qi Kwang, Singapore Remember when you were young, and you just had to say “I’m hungry” to have food served to you? Embarrassingly, the affluence of Singapore has bred laziness among many young people. Having domestic helpers in homes to oversee the day-to-day processes of cooking and cleaning is now a norm. Being […]