Graduating to Become a Slave

By Chaz Oswald, 22, USA During my senior year in high school, college was constantly on my mind. While I was eager to start a new chapter in life, like many seniors, I felt the stress of decision-making. I understood that the schools I applied for and later attend would influence my future. One key […]

Burn After Reading

“Continue reading if you’ve told Mrs Lee that I cheated in the Math test . . .” I stared at this opening sentence in a hand-written letter from a classmate in great bewilderment. What on earth have I done? At that time, I was a 13-year-old who had just enrolled into a new school, so […]

Choices, Choices and, Yes, More Choices!

Pizza or chips? Neighbors or Home and Away? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? We live in an ever-growing world of choices. We can take eons of time scrolling through our iPods to decide which song to play, flick through endless satellite TV channels, and can choose from a vast array of movies to watch […]

When Troubles Surround Us

By Dr.U.Jasmine Packia Priya, India We read of the story of Hagar and her child in Genesis 21: 15–19. Hagar, with Abraham’s child, was sent away and left to wander in the desert, helpless and overwhelmed with grief. She had used up all the water she had for herself and her child. And now, her […]

We Are All Winners . . . Right?

By Lau Jue Hua, Singapore In high school my classmates and I laughed at this joke—since we were all the “fastest” sperms, we were all winners. Jokes aside, the importance of winning is instilled in us since we were swaddling in blankets. Winning becomes our primary focus even as we get older. We are told […]