Small But Needful

What does it take for a car to be able to take us from one place to another? Naturally, we would think of the different parts of the vehicle (wheels, engine, steering wheel, etc) that work together to bring about movement. In my recent trip to Brazil, I was thankful to be in a car […]

Heart of Worship

This post is in line with our Youth Bible Teaching 2011, Worship: The Divine Conversation. Find out more about worship in these series of posts. Be blessed! “The Heart of Worship” is an immensely popular song sung in many churches throughout the world. But my first impression of the song was that it’s rather ironic—what […]

lessons from a soccer game

By Sophie Otiende, Kenya There is no doubt that soccer is the most popular sport of our time. From Africa to Asia and even the Middle East, soccer fans are widespread all across the world. The differences in culture, race, religion and opinions are dissolved when fans unite and cheer for their team. Just watch […]

Journey to Zambia

All the way my Savior leads me, what have I to ask beside . . . January 2009—I was packing my bags in preparation (and giddy anticipation) for a month-long journey orchestrated by God.