Why Is Waiting on God So Hard?

“How long do I have to wait?” I asked myself this question every day. I had recently stopped working my job in the US because of an unexpected delay in my immigration paperwork, and had no idea when it would be resolved.

Stop Regretting, Start Remembering

Whenever I think about my past mistakes, I end up wasting the rest of my day by wallowing in self-pity. There’s no hope for me. I’ve made too many mistakes, too many regrets. 

ODJ: Memorials

Early in our marriage, my wife, Kristen, and I hiked a mountain trail. The day was full of colour, with a hot, yellow sun overhead, lush evergreens on each side and copper-coloured soil beneath our feet. We came upon a tree on which numerous hikers had carved their initials. Filled with the joy of our new life together and the beauty of the natural world, we felt like leaving a memorial too. Using

ODJ: rainbows and remembering

The sight of a rainbow can trigger many thoughts. Spotting one might conjure up fairy tales of leprechauns and pots teeming with gold.

In real life, however, rainbows do point to important things. For instance, mariners have long known that rainbows can be used to predict the weather. Generally speaking, weather moves from west to east, thus the old saying, “Rainbow in the m

ODJ: remember

My wife and I recently checked out the Titanic exhibit at our local museum. As we walked among the artifacts, watched videos and viewed photos, the events of 15 April 1912—the day the Titanic sank—became real to us. One particularly moving account involved an older woman and her husband. When Ida Straus was asked to board a lifeboat with other women, leaving her husband behi