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Why I Gravitated Towards BTS’s Music

My favorite K-pop boyband BTS has just released a new album. I was really excited to hear that they’ve set another record with the music video of their latest single, “Idol”. The video racked up over 50 million views within a day of its release—the highest hits for any YouTube video over a 24-hour period!

Can I Be A Christian K-Pop Fan?

In 2007, a friend of mine introduced me to the world of K-Pop and it changed my life—I was in my third year in high school then. I bought into everything about K-Pop:

5 Signs that Something is an Idol in your Life

I was swept up by the Korean wave and became an avid follower of K-Pop in 2009. Back then, I was obsessed with the 12-member boy band, Super Junior.