As a CEO of a company with over 300 employees, Ben knows a thing or two about business. As a bible college graduate and dedicated follower of Jesus, Ben also knows a thing or two about faith. In his episode with Asking the Why, Ben shares examples from his own experiences about how our faith and our workplace can mix together to ultimately fulfill what we are put on earth to do.


For years, Jimmy has constantly reminded those he served as generations pastor that God is enough, despite whatever circumstances you go through. But when his wife Sarah was unexpectedly diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer, Jimmy and  Sarah’s lives were turned upside down. In his episode with Asking the Why, Jimmy reflects on the most difficult season he and Sarah have had to face and gives real-life insight into how we can keep our faith in the middle of intense suffering.


As a youth pastor, Jon has often had young people ask him how they can know what God’s call on their life is. It’s certainly not an uncommon question and one that he has spent time considering too. Check out his episode on the “Asking the Why” series as he address the question “What is my calling?”. As well as being a pastor, Jon is also an author and a die-hard Cricket fan.


Author of the book What We Cannot Be Alone: Understanding Singleness in God’s Family, Kimberly is living an unexpected version of her life. And yet, she is committed to using her life experiences, ministry giftings, and current life circumstances to follow God’s calling to speak into the subject of singleness. As a speaker and a Generation’s Pastor, she seeks to answer questions around relationship, sexuality and identity, particularly for young people. Check out her episodes on Asking the Why as she answers questions around singleness, both for the individual and for the church.


A digital marketing strategist by trade, Juan is well-versed in the ins and outs of social media and the digital world. Early 2018, he had a revelation that his smartphone use was unhealthy, taking time away from his family, and ultimately affecting  his relationship with God. In his episode with Asking the Why, Juan shares his insight into the way smartphones can distract us and transform our behaviour, stalling us in our growth in God. He also shares some helpful tips that he has picked up to help keep our focus in Christ.