This Month’s Theme:
Lay Down Your Burdens

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Matthew 11:30

Illustration of a man sitting in the palm of God

Artist’s Reflection

There are times when it feels like everything around you is going wrong. These could be tiny problems or big ones, but you feel like you’re surrounded by stones and heavy burdens. 

Then God comes and takes you into His arms, and suddenly you are in a beautiful garden. You are still in the same situation, but your burden’s now seen as something different. 

I faced a lot of difficult situations this year, but knowing that God is still holding me changed everything.

—Peter Lici

Join in the Conversation

Imagine you’re climbing a steep flight of stairs, weighed down by heavy backpacks and luggages. They could be filled with the stressors of life, unachieved dreams, or broken relationships. 

Then, a friendly voice says, “Come, let me help you”. Relief washes over us as we hand some of our heavy burdens to this kind person. Soon the trip up the steep stairs of life becomes less painful and a little bit more fun as we now have a partner to laugh and chat with along the way.

Jesus has promised us an easier yoke and a lighter burden (Matthew 11:30), if we’d only let go of our burdens for His. This isn’t a promise to make all our problems vanish in an instant, but it’s an assurance that He’ll be right next to us, carrying our loads with us. 

Come with us this month as we reflect on Jesus’ invitation to lay our burdens at His feet. How easy (or hard) is it for you to do so? Do you trust His plans for your life? 

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Here are some subthemes to help you get started: 

  • Exchanging our yoke/burdens for His
  • Finding rest for our souls
  • Encountering the gentleness and humility of Christ

Exchanging our yoke/burdens
Giving God our burdens, exchanging our man-made plans for His, dying to our self, planning vs trusting God, learning to surrender and trust God, leaning on the strength of community, living interdependently, living out our identity as Christians, struggles with envy and comparison, peer pressure, unfulfilled dreams and desires, identifying disordered passions/loves, confronting our financial fears/insecurities, dealing with relationship woes, worries about family (parents getting older), choosing obedience

Finding rest for our souls
Rest from anxieties and insecurities (about our appearance, worth, identities, achievements, success), learning to truly rest, looking after our mental/physical health, the power of prayer, placing our confidence in Christ, identifying obstacles to rest, loving God with our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, spending time with God

Encountering the gentleness and humility of Christ
Gentleness, humility, forgiveness, the character of Christ, experiencing restoration & renewal, being transformed by Christ, being tenderhearted, growing in compassion, putting on love

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