This Month’s Theme:
Bask in the Father’s Love

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him. 

1 John 3:1

A bright light shine through the darkness of the family

Artist’s Reflection

When I was small, I often thought I was not good enough. Even as I grew older, this feeling has never faded, especially when I think about the expectations others place on me, or even the ones I place on myself. 

Trying to live up to these standards often put me under a lot of pressure, and it felt like everything I did was wrong. Sometimes, I even felt that I wasn’t good enough to be a child of God.

Because of this, I have been to some dark places in my life. Places where no one, but only God’s light was able to reach me, and it did. He picked me up and slowly made me realise that His love covers all of my darkness. He showed me that I am indeed His child and He loves me for me, and not because of what I can achieve or do for Him.

After reading this month’s Bible verse, I immediately had a sentiment in mind that I wanted to convey with my illustration: relief. Relief that I am accepted. Relief that His love is meant for me, personally. And relief to know that through the sacrifice of His Son, I am justified in the Father’s eyes and can be with Him, no matter what was in the past or what lies ahead. It is done. This light, this LOVE, will never fade. We are called into this light to be who we really are: His children. 

—Linda Albertini

Join in the Conversation

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us…”.(1 John 3:1)

Feel the extravagance of the words “great love” and “lavished”. Imagine our mighty Creator robed in splendour, leaning in to pour out His great love on us. 

Today, God invites us to bask in His glorious love, like a baby basking in the love of its parent. Our perfect Father is calling us to come with our child-like faith, to sit at His feet. We can bring our worries, concerns, hopes, and place them at His throne, secure in the knowledge that He’ll guide us down the right path for our lives (Psalm 32:8).

This February, let’s gather and soak in His love, and in turn, pour this very love out to those around us. 

If you have a story of how you’ve experienced God’s extravagant love for you or for those around you, we want to hear about it. Check out our writer’s guidelines and write to us!

Here are some subthemes to help you get started: 

  • God’s great love lavished on us
  • The privilege of being His child
  • Sharing His love with the others

God’s great love lavished on us
What being loved by God means for us–our security and constant in life, seeing God’s greatness and our smallness (small yet not insignificant but loved), witnessing His extravagant generosity, His providence and provision, His deliverance from evil and harm, enjoying intimacy with God, internalising His love, living in His love allows us to push through life, God’s fair and just love when the world is unfair.

The privilege of being His child
Receiving a spirit of adoption (calling our Abba Father), looking to Jesus as our co-heir (and our saviour and intercessor), the power of prayer (knowing our Father listens), learning childlike trust and dependence on God, being growing children–works in progress, accepting His discipline and trusting His heart, belonging to the True Love (even if V-day throws us lemons), Created for His pleasure, made to worship Him, He delights in us. 

Sharing His love with the others
People are seeking love and acceptance, Christ’s love compels us to act on love (say less, do more), practical ways to show love, caring for those who are lonely and hurting, forgiving others, being a light in the workplace, loving the unlovely, loving even when it’s hard and when it hurts, loving mercy and justice, love that isn’t a doormat (tough love).

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