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Loving Others: Encouragement

She slumped down into the chair exhausted. It had been a horrific week at work filled with stress and anxiety. And after work, she had spent several nights preparing the engaging Sunday School lesson.

Swimming and Church

After not swimming for ages, I enjoyed my recent dip in the pool. The water slid against my skin, bidding me to stay in the pool for a longer time. As I swam, I used my hands and legs to push against the water,

Should Christians Date?

Bubbling to the surface was months of bitterness. They stood opposite each other, not willing to look each other in the eye. Eye contact, if any, was minimal.

Church: Why Bother?

The Church is the body of Christ. Whenever I am in the body of Christ, I feel loved, accepted, understood, embraced, and safe. I can rest in the truth of who I am in Christ. I can be myself.