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5 Ways to Know She is the One to Marry

Written By Alex Tee “How do you know if she is the one?” This,…

The Day We got Married

Written by Christine E., USAIt was the big day: the day I walked…

Finding A Spouse, According to His Will

Written by Clare H, Singapore I was in the midst of my undergraduate…

When Jesus said "I Do!"

Written By Christie Frieg, USA “That is why a man leaves his…
Abstract woman separated from a broken vase

It's Hard to Love, Let Alone Love Others

Written By Deborah Tao, originally in Traditional Chinese Love…

Of Love and Marriage: Who is "The One"?

I’ve only been married for four years of my 34 years in this…

Loving is Dying to Let the Other Live

Written By Abigail Lai, Singapore I watched the third and…

The Day We Talked about Sex

Written by Christine E., USAEarly on in our relationship, my…

The True Remedy to Loneliness

Loneliness. All of us have experienced this in one form or another;…