Majesty By Peter Wagner

By Peter Wagner

This song is about our dependence on God, when we confess our sins, receive his grace and are restored then we can stand firm for God in His provision, strength and power. When we depend on God there is nothing that we need to back down from, God has the final word and we fight with the strength of our conqueror and savior and for the sake of our King. He is Majesty and sovereign over all and when we surrender to His plans he chooses to empower us His church and bring in His victory whatever situation we are in.

Joyful Joyful – a Jesse L Cover

A Blessed Christmas to one and all!

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Song: Love Fukushima

By Yuriko Ogino, Japan

Yuriko Ogino studied voice in Kunitachi college of music, University of North Texas, Dallas Baptist University and Texas Women’s university. She has taught music in the Master’s Touch School of Music in the US. She is currently living in Japan. Things she loves are singing and teaching music!

This song was written after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in April 2011. Fukushima prefecture is where the nuclear power plant is and which exploded after the tsunami hit last year. Fuku means blessing and shima means island. So she used these two words to compose this song. Her prayer is not only for Fukushima prefecure, but also for the whole nation of Japan, to turn to Christ and have faith to receive God’s blessing over the land.

The wave took everything and everything was changed
This island lost its living hope
With weary voice, I pray to you, My God
I’ll lift up my eyes to the hills

Blessing will fall from heaven
I believe with all my heart
Blessing will fall from heaven
And Life will flow over the land

There are miracles happening over the land [Japan]
There is faith, hope and love over the land
The Lord will be glorified
From the land to the ends of the earth

Words & music by Yuriko Ogino, used with permission.