As the Deer – a Jesse L Guitar Cover

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Comic: The Messenger

Story and Illustration by Beng Poh Neo, Singapore

This comic is a modern adaptation of the Bible story Jonah.

In the book of Jonah, we can learn many lessons. But the thread that connects them all together is the mercy of God. We see it in His pursuit and restoration of Jonah, His sparing of the sailors and His miraculous salvation of Nineveh. Jonah wrote his story with frankness and honesty, he reminds us that love is always better than hate. We encourage you to read this book in the Bible if you have not already done so.

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The Perfect Fit

By Isai Oviedo, Florida USA

About the animation:
“We had an outreach event for the local youth a couple of months back, and God had recently been telling me to serve him in new ways, so I decided to combine my passion for God and teaching young people with my passion for animation. Honestly, the idea is completely God-inspired. I was just sitting at my table, staring at a piece of paper for an hour, not getting anywhere. After a quick prayer and a mid-day nap, I had it! Since this was for outreach, I knew I wanted to have a very personal, honest message that anyone can relate to. Especially with today’s youth culture that has really embraced video games and is so immersed in every form of media.

We often think we’re set for life with our family, friends, jobs, school, etc, but when we realize that all of that still doesn’t fill the missing space in our heart, we panic and try to fill it with so many things that just don’t fit.

Proverbs 19:22 says “What a person desires is unfailing love”. That’s what we need. Not those other things. The only
one who can give us unfailing love is God through the sacrifice His son made on the cross so that we wouldn’t have to spend all of our lives looking for the perfect fit. We already have it!” – Isai

About the animator:
Isai loves sticking lots of hidden details in his work, so freeze-frame every once in awhile to see if you can spot the Easter eggs he has added into the animation! He is currently studying animation in Miami, Florida.