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10 Popular Bible Verses In Illustrations

Title: 10 Popular Bible Verses In Illustrations Artwork by: Ross Boone (@rossboone) Description: Think you know what these verses mean? These images provide a fresh spin to these familiar verses, prompting us to look deeper and uncover the layers of meaning in the verses.   Sometimes we must look closely to see how Christ has removed death’s […]

The Longing is Real

Title: The Longing is Real Artwork by: Ross Boone (@rossboone) Description: Sometimes, we long for more than our world can give – longings that only God can satisfy. We can only catch glimpses of Him while on earth. But we will experience His love, beauty and greatness in full measure, when we are finally with Him in […]

Why I Stopped Trying to Earn God’s Love

It started out great. She liked me and I liked her. We hugged and held hands and spent entire Saturdays together. It was great for about a month or so. But then I said something that triggered a downward spiral.

Other Reasons Not To Have Sex Before Marriage

I was traveling cross-country with a friend when it came out that I was waiting for marriage to have sex. And I added, “and there’s no certainty I will ever get married.”