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Are You Up for the #Icebucketchallenge?

Everyone seems to be drenching themselves with buckets of icy cold water these days. The Internet is awash (pun intended) with such videos—just search #icebucketchallenge.

It was like death had played a cruel prank

For a week, I was glued to news updates on the status and stories of three ill-fated passenger airlines. My heart went out to the passengers who were killed and their grieving family members.

Call To Commitment: Obedience vs Disobedience

Ask most Christian youth out over the weekends and you’ll likely get rejected. “Sorry I’m not free. I have youth fellowship on Saturday, church on Sunday and cell group after church.

The greatest condolence in death

“I’ll be praying for you”, “Take care”, “I’m so sorry”. I never knew what else to say to a grieving loved one or friend other than these.