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won’t somebody love me?

Have you ever felt unloved? Have you ever felt like everybody is rejecting you, pointing fingers at you and talking behind your back? Have you felt as if the whole world was finding fault with you and wanting to alter your face?

real love

Then how, my friend, can love be measured? / It is not compared by distance, quantity, or volume. / It cannot be confined from the ends of the earth to the centre of the sun,

bursting forth in glorious day

I look to the ground. Here she comes. / A teacher I know well. / I didn’t feel like talking then; / There wasn’t much to tell.

cause of death: love

“A reflection on this Valentine’s Day as I consider Jesus’ love for us on the Cross. Praise Him for granting me a deeper understanding of HIS LOVE. May God used it to help many people on realize how much He loves them.”