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Interview: April Walker

Music Video: Resist — Interview with the key team members April Walker—Supporting Actress (16-year-old) April loves to play volleyball and she enjoys listening to the tunes of David Crowder Band and Shawn MacDonald. Her ambitions include being a teacher and a missionary. She is her high school’s mascot. How was the project/script/song conceived? My friend […]

Song: Resist

On 10 July 2009, the YMI team received an email, which thrilled us. A youth group from a small country church in Texas, United States, sent us the link to a music video that they’ve produced. Nearly 50 youth contributed to the project in different areas such as song writing, acting, script writing, lighting, set […]


Shining brighter as a servant than a star

Imagine. The lights dim; high-powered colored lights flash; the crowd cheers; the spotlight is on you. The world’s a stage and you want to be the only actor in full view.