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By Cioloca Tabita,  Romania When I saw the announcement that invites us to share our thoughts on the subject of friends and love, I told myself to give it a shot. Why? I do not have that many friends as to be an expert on this subject, but I have one Friend that counts more […]

Beautiful Ugliness

By Hasyth A., Sri Lanka “This is a poem I wrote about God’s love for me and the stages of life I have experienced. It talks about my internal battles and the person I became—not pleasant. But through all my struggles and all the rejections that I have put God through, He never let go […]

Love is a Blessing

I wrote this poem when I fell in love with someone, only to realize that she has fallen in love with my friend.

Joy of Christmas: A beautiful surprise

Submitted by Fiona, 19, Singapore “I took this photo while on my way home. I am thankful for how God reminds me of His wonderful presence, no matter where I am or what I am doing. He makes my life interesting. I feel blessed each and every day because of His beautiful surprises.” —Fiona, 19-year-old, […]