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An Introduction | King David & King Jesus

By David Wong, 21, Singapore The Old Testament is often seen as filled with commandments, and the New Testament filled with grace. However, that is not a holistic picture. Both the Old and the New Testament point toward the gospel and Jesus Christ (Luke 24:27). Hence in this series on the life of King David, […]

A Shared Life

Submitted by Melisa Manampiring, Indonesia In this season of giving, I would like to share a song that I wrote. May the words of this song inspire you to take note of the needy people around us.

God with Us – Emmanuel

By Yulius Darmawan, Indonesia At every phase of our lives, we are bound to face challenges. God uses these experiences to shape our character and the process could be quite painful and unpleasant. Quite often, it is discouraging. Sometimes, it may even seem like God has abandoned us. King David is a man like us. […]

What Can We Give?

Submitted by Jasmine Priya, India