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Friends Through Thick and Thin

Without my dear college friends and sisters, my wedding would not have been possible. A photo of my bridesmaids shows them in their pretty dresses and bearing bright smiles, but these belie the many hours and days of frantic efforts to put a wedding together in spite of a famously indecisive bride.

An Unlikely Friendship

At the beginning of the year, I made a resolution to make a new friend at church. There were not many young people at church, and I quickly picked a likely prospect. She was about my age, still in school, and working part-time. I figured we had enough in common to keep us going.

Why Heroes Don’t Necessarily Do the Exciting Stuff

My husband is a computer whiz. Naturally, family and friends consult him about their computer problems. One day, he was helping a friend (whom we’ll call Jake for now) with some computer issues when he noticed a few things that caused him to suspect Jake might be struggling with some internet-related temptations. My husband told […]

Help! I Can’t Find A Job

When I first started college, I happily charted out four years’ worth of classes. I was excited about what life would bring. Sure, I had to tweak my plans every semester or so, but I always had a plan, and things always worked out. Then I graduated, and suddenly, I had no plan. Studying history […]