Entries by Amy Ji

The Day I Decided to Quit School

In my country, 16 is the age when most students have to decide which educational path to embark on next. It could be going to a polytechnic, a junior college, or taking up a course in a post-secondary institution.

Making Sense of a Less-Than-Perfect Job

I read about 10-15 resumes a day as a recruitment manager in my company, which engages around a hundred part-time trainers monthly. Many of them begin or end with this line: “I hope you can seriously consider my application as this is my dream job.”

Friends I Never Asked For

Growing up in church has its cons—everyone knows you, and everyone is watching your every action and ready to report you to your parents who serve as deacons, elders, or Sunday school teachers.

How Taking Up the Cross Became A Daily Affair

Eons ago, my would-be-mentor gave me a little card when she first invited me to join my church’s youth ministry leadership team. I do not recall what she wrote, but the quote on the card remains etched in my memory, some fifteen years on.