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Can I Really Know God?

What does it mean for you to truly know God?

What is Happiness?

What makes you truly happy?

Food for the Soul

How have you nourished your soul today?

Singer-songwriter Vanessa Faith: Music to connect with others

Come and hear what Singaporean singer-songwriter – Vanessa Faith – has to share about dreams, reality, embarrassing moments and her favorite artistes! Check out her music here as well as the song she wrote below! GOOD THINGS (words and music by Vanessa Faith) Chorus: Good things they don’t fall from apple trees Don’t sit there and […]

Break Free from Online Addiction

The Internet has become a large fixture in many of our lives. Although it can seem to be indispensable, what happens if we give it too much of our time and energy? What happens if we make it our idol? In these series of videos, Reverend Paul Baxendale helps us understand how one can break […]

How Can I Know If God Will Forgive Me Again?

By Rev Paul Baxendale As youth, we are sometimes caught in the clutches of the same sin time and again. We pray that God will forgive us and give us the strength to overcome the sin. However after taking that step of faith, we still find ourselves struggling to break free. We wonder how many […]

What is Compassion?

How Do I Know What God’s Will Is For My Life?

By Rev Paul Baxendale As youth, we often wonder about our future and the path to take. We pray that God will reveal His plans to us concerning our education, vocation, relationships, and so on. And after taking that step of faith, we still find ourselves laden with a lot of questions. We wonder if […]


Check out YMI’s two-part interview with professional cricketer Peter George, who shares how he tries to be a testimony for God both on and off the pitch. Hits & Misses Shine As Stars Related Resource: Joseph: Overcoming Life’s Challenges How Can I Share My Faith Without An Argument?